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Christine Jean

I am passionate about exploring people and their relationships with their natural environment. My thesis is dedicated to exploring the interplay between cultural practices, traditional ecological knowledge, and ecological change. With a Bachelor of Arts with Frist Class Honours in Anthropology and a minor in History, my commitment to environmental anthropology has propelled my current research focusing on the eco-emotional impacts of environmental change, particularly the decline of wild Atlantic salmon populations, on communities along the Main Southwest Miramichi River in New Brunswick, Canada. My work is part of my Master's thesis at the University of New Brunswick, where I merge environmental anthropology with narrative analysis and ethnographic methods to explore eco-emotions. My work seeks to uncover the connections between the human and more-than-human worlds, highlighting the cultural, ecological, and emotional ramifications of our current global state. My academic pursuits are driven by a commitment to understanding and articulating the ways in which individuals and communities experience and respond to environmental challenges. Through my work I aim to highlight the importance of ecological empathy and community-based approaches to environmental stewardship.

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