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Curriculum Vitae


May 2024                Diploma of University Teaching

                                  University of New Brunswick

2022 - Present      Master of Arts, Anthropology

University of New Brunswick

Thesis in-progress: Eco-Emotions & Wild Atlantic Salmon in the Main Southwest Miramichi River

2018-2022               Bachelor of Arts - First Class Honours, Anthropology, minor, History

University of New Brunswick


Fluent in both French and English

Teaching & Research Interests

My academic pursuits are centred around understanding the nuanced relationships between human societies and their environments, focusing on how cultural practices, traditional ecological knowledge, and sensory experiences shape, and are shaped by ecological changes.


  • Environmental Anthropology:

    • Aquatic Ecosystems: Rivers, salmon, aquatic biodiversity.

    • Terrestrial Wildlife and Ecosystems: Bears, birds, foxes, fungi, forests.

    • Cultural and Emotions Responses: Eco-emotions, environmental degradation, and sustainability.

  • Human-Nature Relationships: Investigate local traditional practices and ecological knowledge, focusing on their cultural significance and role in sustaining communities and ecosystems.

  • Impact of Environmental Change: Examine the ecological and community-level effects of environmental changes, with a focus on adaptive strategies and resilience.

  • Eco-Emotions and Sensory Impacts: Explore the emotional and sensory dimensions of environmental change, understanding how individuals and communities experience and interpret loss and transformation.

  • North American History: Atlantic Canada, the lives and practices of Indigenous Peoples of North America, and the environmental underpinnings of Early American History.

Teaching Experience

Winter 2024       

Lab Instructor, University of New Brunswick

ARTS 1023: Climate and Environment in Humanities and Social Sciences

  • Facilitate in-class discussions and active learning activities, fostering an inclusive classroom environment.

  • Support students with course material, assignments, and assessments, enhancing their academic performance.

  • Develop and provide educational materials and facilitate skills lab activities, applying theoretical concepts to real-world scenarios.

  • Encourage engagement with diverse perspectives on environmental justice, stimulating critical thinking.


Fall 2023         

Lab Instructor, University of New Brunswick

ARTS 1013: Justice in Humanities and Social Sciences

  • Engaged in facilitating discussions and supporting students with a focus on justice in humanities and environmental themes.

  • Developed educational materials and facilitated active learning, promoting critical thinking and application of theoretical concepts.

  • Maintained a supportive, inclusive, and organized learning environment, developing positive relationships across the academic community.


Fall 2022/Winter 2023                 

Teaching Assistant, University of New Brunswick

ANTH 3112: Drugs, Land and Power

ANTH 3694: Latin America and the Caribbean

  • Assisted with lecture preparation and delivery, facilitated biweekly discussions, and graded assignments.

  • Collaborated with faculty to develop a diverse curriculum, contributing to course materials that reflect complex social and political landscapes, such as Colombia's internal conflicts and environmental issues.

Research Experience

09/2022 – 05/2023     

Writing Manager

Dr. Daniel Tubb

  • Led a diverse team of writers in producing impactful research content, resulting in the publication of articles in peer-reviewed journals.

  • Developed and executed a strategic content plan, enhancing the visibility and outreach of our research on environmental sustainability.

  • Implemented quality assurance processes, significantly improving the clarity and impact of our written outputs.

  • Managed deadlines for multiple projects simultaneously, ensuring the timely delivery of high-quality research materials.


04/2022 – 08/2022     

Researcher/Writer, Human Environment Workshop (HEW)

University of New Brunswick funded by The RAVEN Project

  • Contributed to interdisciplinary research exploring the complex interplay between humans and the environment, resulting in the creation of two articles published in esteemed journals.

  • Played a pivotal role in a dynamic research team, applying innovative methodologies to study environmental and social challenges, thereby advancing the workshop's mission.

  • Fostered a rich environment for idea incubation and knowledge exchange, enhancing the workshop's role as a hub for visionary environmental research.


04/2021 – 04/2022     

Researcher/Writer, Ethno & Enviro Lab

Dr. D. Tubb & Dr. N. Pleshet

  • Conducted ethnographic research to investigate cultural perspectives on environmental issues, contributing to scholarly articles that expanded the field's understanding of ethnography's intersection with environmental studies.

  • Engaged actively in academic discourse, collaborating with colleagues to cultivate a vibrant intellectual community that encouraged exploration and critical thinking.

  • Participated in knowledge dissemination, presenting research findings at several academic conferences and workshops, thereby broadening the conversation around environmental awareness and sustainability.


04/2019 – 04/2021     

Research Assistant

Dr. Daniel Tubb

  • Supported various research initiatives through comprehensive literature reviews, data management, and the organization of research materials, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of project workflows.

  • Acted as a key contributor in brainstorming sessions, aiding in the development of research ideas and conceptual frameworks that informed ongoing studies.

  • Assisted in the preparation of reports and presentations, facilitating the wider dissemination of research findings to academic and public audiences.


09/2020 – 04/2021     

Research Intern

The RAVEN Project

Sustainable Energy Development Project

  • Engaged in research and analysis for the Sustainable Energy Development Project, contributing to the development of innovative strategies for sustainable energy solutions in rural communities.

  • Collaborated closely with project leaders to document and report on project progress, playing a crucial role in advocating for sustainable energy practices and policy recommendations.


09/2019 – 04/2020     

Research Intern

Downtown Community Health Center

Substance Use Disorder, Mental Health, and Homelessness in Fredericton

  • Conducted ethnographic fieldwork focusing on substance use disorder programs, resulting in a comprehensive report that offered valuable insights into the challenges and resilience of affected individuals.

  • Participated in participant observations and advocacy efforts, highlighting the critical role of community support in addressing substance use disorder, mental health, and homelessness.

Academic Services


Arts Teaching Award Committee - Graduate Student Voice

University of New Brunswick


Earth Sciences Chair Selection Committee - Graduate Student Voice

University of New Brunswick

Experience Outside of Academia


Executive Director

Central New Brunswick Woodmen's Museum


Independent Business Consultant


Volunteer Experience

2019 - Present


I provide academic support to students across a range of subjects, focusing on enhancing understanding, boosting confidence, and improving academic performance. My approach is personalized, catering to the unique needs and learning styles of each student. Tutoring has sharpened my skills in communication, patience, and adaptability, ensuring that each tutoring session is productive and encouraging. 


International Student Support 

I assist international students in acclimating to life in Fredericton. I offer guidance on academic and cultural adjustment, helping with language barriers, and provide information about local, provincial, and federal resources. I introduce newcomers to others to easer their transition. I have been able to enhance my cross-cultural communication skills and my understanding of diverse student needs in adjusting to new environments.


UNB Garden of Plenty - Marysville Community Garden

As a recent volunteer at the UNB Garden of Plenty in the Marysville Community Garden, I contribute to the cultivation and maintenance of a community garden that provides fresh produce to local residents. My involvement includes planting, weeding, and harvesting, as well as engaging with community memebers to promote sustainable gardining practices. This experience has deepened my commitment to community serivce and has enriched my knoweldge of sustainble agriculture and local food systems. 

Publications - Non-Peer Reviewed

Fredericton Residents Want Community Gardens: Survey

(with Faith Timipere Allison), N.B. Media Co-Op, August 25, 2022

This article explores the significance of community gardens within urban settings, presenting findings from a comprehensive survey to underscore widespread support among Fredericton residents. It articulates the multifaceted benefits of such initiatives, including enhancements to food security, economic vitality, and communal health, advocating for the integration of gardening spaces in city planning.


Birds in What's Left of New Brunswick's Forests

N.B. Media Co-Op, July 5, 2022

Investigating the repercussions of current forestry policies on bird populations and biodiversity in New Brunswick. Through an analysis of habitat degradation and loss, the piece calls for a reassessment of land management strategies to preserve and protect avian species, highlighting the critical balance between conservation efforts and industrial interests.

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